2019 DC Shorts Best of the Fest Showcase B

By DC Shorts (other events)

Saturday, September 28 2019 10:00 PM 11:30 PM

DC Shorts proudly presents the DC Shorts 2019 Audience Awards:

ATLAS - DIRECTOR:  MACIEJ KAWALSKI · 22 MIN · DARK COMEDY · POLAND · D.C. PREMIERE. A remote, and a bit crazy to be honest, psychiatric hospital receives a curious patient —one who he doesn’t move nor speak but spends his days standing with his hands up. The only thing known is his nickname —“The Atlas”. In a word, he is a riddle and riveting one at that, like an itch you cannot quite scratch.

BIG BEAR LAKE - DIRECTOR:  MAX TZANNES · 19 MIN · DRAMA · USA · EAST COAST PREMIERE. Bill Prudhomme, famed cartoonist and beloved father, is dead. He is survived by his three children, now all grown up and grown apart. The day before the funeral, these estranged siblings are confronted with the chaotic present, the revered past and the chance at a shared future.

DEMAND CURVE - DIRECTOR:  THE BRAGG BROTHERS, MEREDITH BRAGG · 11 MIN · DARK COMEDY · USA · EAST COAST PREMIERE. Offended by his kidnappers' low demands, a university professor uses basic economics to increase his ransom and get in on the action.

EL ASTRONAUTA - DIRECTOR:  MANUEL TROTTA · 19 MIN · DRAMA · VENEZUELA · EAST COAST PREMIERE. Beto, a sophisticated man, returns to his remote hometown with the goal of bringing his senile father to a care home in the city. But his father, Don Alfredo, does not want to leave home until he fulfills his only desire: to reach the moon to say goodbye to his beloved and late wife. With great difficulty to understand his father's desire, but touched with the ingenuity, Beto must find the way to become “The Astronaut”.

GIRL IN THE HALLWAY - DIRECTOR:  VALERIE BARNHART · 10 MIN · TRUE CRIME/FILM NOIR · CANADA · UNITED STATES PREMIERE. Why does 'Little Red Riding Hood' give Jamie nightmares? It's been 15 years, and the girl in the hallway haunts him still. This is a testament to locked doors. A lullaby sung by wolves with duct tape and polaroids. Not all girls make it out of the forest. Some stories children shouldn't hear.

HORS PIST - DIRECTOR:  LÉO BRUNEL, LORIS CAVALIER, CAMILLE JALABERT, OSCAR MALET · 6 MIN · COMEDY · FRANCE · D.C. PREMIERE. The two best rescue workers of the region are ready for their new mission. Despite their professionalism and their determination, it will not go as planned...



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